And I remember. . .
Time's cruelest joke
is making us wait
until it's too late
to remember

First light of dawn
and you, the alarm
Shaking the bed
"Wake up, sleepyhead!"
I remember

Running outside
to play and to hide
Wide-eyed urgency
Quick! Breakfast emergency!
Like you'd never eaten before

And then the toy ritual
Hog was habitual
Drilling holes with your eyes
A look of utter surprise
with each throw

Before long a nap
though you'd rejected a lap
in favor of the floor
to let you stretch more
I remember

The walks grew fewer
as your face turned bluer
with age and exertion
the lowering of your curtain
was hard to accept

And so we got the pram 
Our own peculiar brand
of loving you so much
we didn't want you to lose touch
with the world beyond your door 

And how you loved your rides
with Rocky at your side
King of all you surveyed
Boofing at dogs along the way
They envied you

And yes, the neighbors laughed
and pointed as we passed
But you were our bonus
and more important than the Joneses
So we rolled along
You never know when the last ride will be

And I'd give the world to have you here with me
But it would never be enough
There aren't enough days
to count the multitude of ways
you taught me to love
I only pray I gave you enough
Not a tenth of what you gave me. . .

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