About the Authors

Brian Sawert

holds a degree in Physics from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. He is currently heads a web development team at NAU.

He has worked with SCSI devices for many years, developing applications and device drivers for SCSI peripherals ranging from optical drives to scanners.

His publications include articles for Dr. Dobb's Journal, Windows/DOS Developer's Journal, and Phoenix Magazine.

When he's not writing or programming, he enjoys spending time with his dogs Austin and Kramer, riding his motorcycle, and exploring the forests around Flagstaff.

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Larry Martin

has been programming since the arrival of his first IBM PC in 1982. He used that marvelous machine to pay his way through college writing software for local businesses. Since then he has focused on the hardware-software interface, especially in embedded systems.

Larry has been working with SCSI interfaces since the late 1980s, writing device drivers for adapter cards, scanners, and disk and tape drives. He contributes chapters on ASPI programming, Windows SCSI support, and target mode programming.

His hobbies include skiing, scuba diving, and turning red in the face while cursing inaccurate data sheets.

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Gary Field

has a Computer Science degree from Northeastern University, and has worked with device-level software since 1978. In 1985 he became involved with SCSI at Wang Laboratories on MS-DOS platforms and later led the development of an ANSI CAM subsystem for several UNIX platforms. He has worked since 1996 at Digital Equipment Corporation in the UNIX I/O development group

Gary maintains the SCSI FAQ for the comp.periphs.scsi newsgroup. He contributes a chapter on SCSI support under different UNIX implementations, with special emphasis on Linux SCSI support.

In his home life he enjoys ham radio, electronic tinkering, and photography. He is also a scout leader, and enjoys camping, boating, and fishing with his wife and son.

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Last Updated: July 11, 2003