Other SCSI Links

Follow the links below to find SCSI hardware manufacturers, software vendors and developers, and other resources. It's a dynamic industry - some companies have been absorbed by others - but I've made every attempt to keep these links current.

Hardware Manufacturers and Sales

Adaptec, Inc.
LSI Logic, Inc.
Mylex Corporation

Protocol Analyzers and Tools

Ancot - SCSI protocol analyzers
Verisys - SCSI protocol analyzers

Developer Resources

Adaptec ASPI downloadable files
Symbios Logic SCRIPTS documentation (LSI Logic site)
Linux SCSI Programming HOWTO (from Linux Documentation Project)

Other Links

T10 Technical Committee working drafts of SCSI standards
SCSI Info Central - Gary Field's web site, including the popular SCSI FAQ

Vanished Vendors - No Longer in Business

Sequoia Advanced Technologies, Inc. - WinSCSI-32 programming library

Last Updated: July 11, 2003