Sample SCSI Code

An effective programmer's reference contains sample code to illustrate programming concepts. Whether you're developing a Windows application with ASPI, writing a Linux SCSI device driver, or working at the hardware level with SCRIPTS, you'll find sample code to give your project a jump start.

The links below will let you download sample code that appears on the companion CD-ROM, as well as some extras.

 Download SCRIPTS Sample Code (

SCRIPTS is a low-level language used in Symbios (LSI) Logic SCSI controllers. This sample code demonstrates how to incorporate SCRIPTS in a C application that returns an inventory of devices attached to the SCSI bus.

To build the code, you'll need the SCRIPTS compiler, available on the companion CD-ROM or the LSI Logic web site.

 Download SCSI Snooper Sample Code (

The SCSI Snooper is a sample application that demonstrates the use of ASPI32 functions under Windows 95 or NT. The zip archive includes code for an ASPI class library. You can also download the library code separately below.

This application uses Microsoft's Foundation Classes (MFC) and requires Microsoft Visual C++ version 4.0 or greater.

Download ASPI Class Library Code (

This archive contains source code for a C++ class library that encapsulates ASPI32 function calls. It is used in the SCSI Snooper application above.

Last Updated: October 23, 2002