Updates and Corrections

The SCSI standard is constantly evolving and changing. That makes it difficult to keep a printed reference up-to-date with respect to new SCSI features.

This web page carries errata and corrections to the book, as well as updates to the information it contains. Consider it an online extension of the book.

New location for SCSI FAQ

The most current copy of the SCSI Frequently Asked Questions resides on Gary Field's web site at www.scsifaq.org. You'll also find loads of other SCSI information, including news about Gary's latest project, "The Book of SCSI: I/O for the New Millennium."

Adaptec ASPI SDK missing

Adaptec seems to change their minds about whether to make their ASPI SDK available online. A recent reorganization of their web site removed the SDK from their developer download site. However, ASPI documentation is still available.

Symbios Logic purchased by LSI Logic

Symbios Logic, manufacturer of SCSI hardware, was recently purchased by LSI Logic. Much of the material that was available on the Symbios Logic web site can now be found on the LSI Logic site.

Last Updated: July 11, 2003